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Hypermaticas’ Accelerators build upon existing Salesforce foundations for various industries, infusing them with a tailored application that aligns with your unique processes.
Our approach combines the robust Salesforce platform with targeted customization, ensuring swift implementation, efficiency, and an immediate impact on productivity and user experience.

Grants Management

Integrate with our secure, compliant digital management platform for complete data transfer, efficient grant lifecycle tracking, analytics, and rapid launch capabilities.

Legal Case Management

Organize cases, records, and billing information with our intuitive platform designed for legal professionals to elevate efficiency, ensure accuracy, and enhance client satisfaction.

311 Citizen Engagement

Implement a cohesive ecosystem that enables real-time request tracking, appointment scheduling, and integration with external systems and data sources.

Data Analytics

Utilize a system that facilitates effective data collection and management while providing insightful statistical analytics and impactful data presentation.

Warehouse Management

Streamline your inbound/outbound processes and inventory management by using integrated scanners with a fully digitized and automated system with real-time analytics.